Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Terms & Conditions before submitting your entry.

  • 1.0   Eligibility

    1.1 Any individual, who is passionate about solving India’s complex social, economic and environmental problems and thus aspires to be an entrepreneur on a mission to create impact is eligible to participate.

    1.2 Candidates should have willingness to work on science and technology solutions, attitude and skills for entrepreneurial risk-taking and a long-term commitment to solving problems at scale.

    1.3 E4i program is a full-time engagement; students who would not have not completed their degree or graduated in time to travel to attend the start of the program on May 6, 2019, are not eligible for the program. You must also be able to attend the group interview session and the case interview + one-on-one interview session during the selection process.

  • 2.0   Submissions and Participation

    2.1 Submissions which are incomplete will be deemed void and will not be considered for evaluation.

    2.2 Candidates who qualify for the group interview round are required to attend an in-person interview which will be held in New Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore.

    2.3 Candidates who qualify for the final interview round are required to attend an in-person interview which will be held in New Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore.

    2.4 Finalists agree to the use of their names, photographs, disclosure of their country of residence, and co-operate with any other reasonable requests by the organiser relating to any fellowship publicity.

    2.5 Candidates short-listed in the online application round are required to send a submit a Letter of Referral, the instructions of which will be communicated to the short-listed candidates.

    2.6 Those selected to participate in the program may be working in remote areas during parts of the program. The final selected participants are responsible for their own wellbeing while they are part of the E4i program.

    2.7 Submitted applications are protected in the spirit of non-disclosure, and all submitted materials will be treated as company confidential. The only people with access to the entry materials will be judges and select members of the organising committee. Materials will not be distributed to any other party unless requested by a participant. No other provisions are made to protect intellectual property.

  • 3.0 Selection of E4i Finalists

    3.1 The selection of the finalists is at the sole discretion of the judges and the organisers from Social Alpha and partnering organizations. Best efforts will be made to make decisions in accordance with this Official Rules document.

    3.2 Throughout any and all phases of the E4i selection processes, all decisions of the judges are final.

  • 4.0 Disqualification and Organisers’ Right to Amend Competition Rules

    4.1 The organisers of E4i reserve the right to disqualify any candidate who is found to have violated the spirit of the competition guidelines and terms and conditions stated herein. Disqualified participants shall forfeit any and all prizes/privileges awarded to them.

    4.2 The organisers reserve the right to amend these rules at any point before the Closing Date of the competition in line with the overall goal of the competition.

    4.3 The indicated dates for the E4i may be revised at any point of time by the Organisers. Any change in schedule will be suitably intimated on the E4i webpage and on other relevant platforms.