• What is supported in the program?

    The Social Alpha Quest for Healthcare Innovation – a program of Social Alpha & TATA Trusts - PATH Impact Lab – supports innovative post proof-of-concept innovations which have reached TRL-5 or beyond in the domain of medical technology including devices and diagnostics, and encompassing infectious diseases as well as non-communicable diseases that carry significant disease burden resulting in high mortality and morbidity.

  • Can I submit more than one application for different technologies?

    Yes, the applicant can submit multiple applications but each has to be in different area within the domain framework as mentioned for Q1. However, in the final decision only one application (if selected) will be considered.

  • What is TRL-5?

    TRL stands for Technology Readiness Level. TRL-5 describes that the Technology has been put together and can be tested in a simulated environment. For more information on the different TRLs, refer to the Social Alpha Quest for Healthcare Innovation Application Form.

  • Under what heads can the grant be utilized?

    The program is meant for post proof-of-concept innovations (at or beyond TRL-5) that need to be scaled. The grant can therefore, be utilized for clinical testing design study and its outcomes, manpower, consumables, equipment, travel, pitching.

  • What does due diligence mean?

    Social Alpha Quest for Healthcare Innovation is an intensive engagement program to scale products for public health. During the course of the program, selected startups would be provided contextual granular support on the basis of their needs and their progress will be monitored. Monitoring/due diligence will be continuous and done by team from Social Alpha and Tata Trusts - PATH Impact Lab. This monitoring will cover aspects of technical feasibility, progress of clinical study, refinement of business model, pricing, finance, marketing strategies and commercialization nationally & globally. Satisfactory completion of due diligence may not entitle a startup for dilutive funding and support for DFMA.

  • Can I find other funding partners for dilutive investments?

    Yes, the selected startups can find other funding partners.

  • Who can come to the barrel?

    The barrel is exclusively for selected startups. Founders must attend. Founders can bring co- founder or a senior leadership or a team member along to a maximum of 2 participants/startup.

  • Can we send only Project Investigator to the barrel?

    Yes, only if the Project Investigator is also the Founder. If the Project Investigator is not the Founder, then the Founder must attend.

  • Can I join barrel through skype?

    No, Barrel is designed to be a very intensive “in-person” program.

  • Who will undertake the clinical validation studies?

    The clinical studies will be primarily driven by the startups (sponsor). Social Alpha and PATH will support the implementation design of clinical studies and assessment of its outcomes. However, all clinical studies have to adhere to national laws including clearance by Board of Ethics.

  • When will the mentoring start?

    The mentoring starts from the day of declaration of results. The final engagement model will be reached upon following the needs of each of the selected startups, and terms of engagement with the mentors.

  • Is the mentoring paid or free?

    Mentoring as part of the continuous engagement under Social Alpha Quest for Healthcare Innovation will be free of charge. Participation to specialized events could be subject to nominal fee.

  • Can I change mentors during the course of the program?

    Engagement model with mentors will be through a mutual consent between the startup, mentor and program implementation team.

  • How frequently the interface will be provided with PATH Impact Lab and Social Alpha?

    A dedicated person will be in touch with each of the selected startups throughout the program. This will be an intense engagement and will be dependent on the needs of the startup.

  • How is the next round of funding supported?

    Social Alpha and PATH will proactively connect the selected startups to the funders. Pitching sessions may be organized

  • What support will be offered after clinical validation?

    The program will provide continuous engagement in an empathetic contextual manner through the prism of stringency. This engagement will start from Day 1 extending throughout the program duration and beyond. The formal engagement however, will be up to 15 months.

  • I don’t have a clinical partner. Can I apply or not?

    You can apply. Having a clinical partner is desirable but not essential. Therefore, you are encouraged to find a clinical partner.